When you have the right tools to do the job, you will end up being more productive. It is a fact that applies to everything. Surely, you must have tried fixing something with the wrong tools and felt frustrated, right? The same rules apply to farming. If you are a farmer who wants to buy a good industrial compost turner then you must know what to look for as buying the wrong tool would cost you more than you imagine.




You will not only lose money but you will also lose time and energy if you pick the wrong tool. A poor or mismatched tool can also harm your entire operational process and make you regret not being alert when buying the tool. So, be alert and remember these things while buying Compost Turners.

Health & Safety are Vital

As Compost turners are really powerful devices, you would be smart to buy a device that is easy to operate and poses less of a danger. See a demo of the device if you are a first time user to avoid any mishaps.

Choose the Right Type

There are two basic choices in compost turners, it can be either pulled by a tractor or it can be a self-propelled machine. You need to choose which one you can operate easily on a regular basis without much of a hassle.

The All Inclusive Feature

It would also be smart to buy a product that doesn’t have any complications like having a separate water truck for watering the windows. Go for an all-inclusive operation feature.

Time Saving

Buy a machine that reduces the overall time taken to complete the compost production. The ideal time limit from windrow formation to finished products must be 8 weeks.

Variable Speed Options

A compost turner must always have varied drum speeds and you should get the power to increase or decrease it. A variable drum speed would help to get maximum humus formation. In contrast, the maximum drum speed would pulverize retards and feedstock.

Water Usage

When looking for a good compost turner, buy one that applies water to the compost while it is being tossed over the drum and distributes the water evenly through the material. It will help to create an optimum microbial environment.

Less CO2

It would also be a smart choice to look for aeration or the option of exchange of carbon dioxide in windrow in which the air has full oxygen content. This will lower the CO2 levels.

Vertical Movement

It would also be good if the drum of the compost turner can be moved vertically while removing the drum from the windrow as it will allow you to view an interior profile and access the progress in the windrow.

Durability Matters

Always buy a compost turner that has proven to be durable in the past and has got a good review from genuine buyers. The downtime should also be minimal as time really is equal to money these days.

Always remember that taking a little time is way better than buying the wrong product and ruining the compost.